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Is Buying Antivirus Software Necessary?


If you are one of those men and women who do not believe in using antivirus software, then it’s possible that you have a solid reason for your position.

Maybe you can not afford antivirus software and believe the price is too high. Or you take additional precautions on your PC use and do not participate in an action that could expose it to malware infection. Perhaps it could be you have taken another route and gone for free antivirus software. Or maybe you’ve got a Macintosh system and have noticed they’re virus-free.

All the above points seem like plausible reasons not to purchase an antivirus program. And for some scenarios, we believe it could be unnecessary to purchase one.

However, before you completely abandon the thought of purchasing antivirus software, consider these threats your PC is liable to face, both online and offline.

Malware Threats

These days, a computer with no antivirus program is not just vulnerable, it is probably already infected. New malware threats emerge daily and your PC faces viruses, spyware, Trojan, and worm threats. These dangers are designed to bypass your PC security measures and steal your personal data or corrupt your files.

Your PC can also be vulnerable to hackers, rootkits, keyloggers, and many other apps that cybercriminals use to attack it. And there are deadly threats like the notorious Stuxnet that seemed not too long ago.

The list is endless and it is not just online that they disperse. If you use removal media like hard drives and flash drives, then you will want a security program that prevents threats that proceed through these devices.

So let us look at what you get from installing antivirus software:

1. Firewall

Many top antivirus programs now include antivirus programs. Before you would need to buy internet security software to find this feature and it might cost you more.

A firewall will block some malicious software from accessing your PC and at the same time permit you to easily download apps that you require. So it is going to stop hackers and intruders with very little effort on your part.

Without a firewall, any site that you see that hosts malware could easily cripple your PC and cost a fortune to fix.

2. Anti-phishing

Phishing threats are typically online. They’re efforts to get your passwords, usernames, and credit card details by emerging as a trusted entity. These threats are located in email communications and one example is the lottery scam that you might have seen in your spam folder.

Then there are far more sophisticated ones such as forged bank sites where you are duped into entering your login information and so losing your money.

You’ll have limited success trying to examine each site you visit or by attempting to delete all spam messages both from the inbox and spam folder. Or you may take the easier route of having antivirus software that contains an anti-phishing tool. BitDefender contains this tool and it blocks all scam email communications and sits in your browser and blocks all phishing sites.

3. Anti-Spyware

Webroot Antivirus & Spy Sweeper is one of the few antivirus programs which have an antispyware tool. It’s also the best at blocking spyware and adware threats. Without this attribute, your PC will be infected by software that spies on all your online activity. And you’ll start to get pop-up ads and your PC will be slow and unresponsive because of excessive resource usage.

A larger threat will be keyloggers in your PC that stealthily monitor all of your activities and keystrokes. And this information will be sent to cybercriminals that unscrupulously design these malicious applications.


There is an endless stream of risks you are vulnerable to without a security program. Even Macintosh systems aren’t free of virus threats. They might have an in-built system to fight malware threats that you won’t get with Windows, but criminals have designed malware that strikes these systems specifically.

And free antivirus software is great and offers basic protection that’s acceptable for many users nevertheless, it does not include all tools and features. And you might need to buy firewall and antispyware software individually for additional protection.