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Labour Rights

Labour Rights


Basic Labor Rights of a Foreign Worker under the HRSDC Low-Skilled Worker Pilot Project


1. Hold your passport and Canadian work permit/authorization at all times from the time you depart your country of permanent residence until you return home

2. Have a copy of your work/employment contract

3. Be offered wages that are equal or higher than the prevailing wage rate paid to Canadians in the same occupation and region

4. Report an employer who fails to abide by the work/employment contract


1. Agree to review and adjust (if necessary) your wages after 12 months of employment to ensure that you continue to receive the prevailing wage rate of the occupation and region where you are employed.

2. Help you find suitable, affordable accommodation.
" If you agree to reside in your employer's employee accommodations, reasonable rent or shelter costs may be deducted from your pay
" You must be allowed to move freely in and out of the accommodation, in other words, you should not be locked in to the unit
" Living accommodations must meet provincial health and safety codes

3. Provide medical coverage until you are eligible for provincial health insurance coverage (90 days of residence in Ontario).

4. Register you under the appropriate provincial workers compensation/workplace safety insurance plans.


1. Deduct the recruitment costs related to your employment from your earnings (ie. recruitment ads, foreign employment agencies/recruiters)

2. Deduct transportation costs from your earnings (transportation costs related to your travel from your country of permanent residence to the location of work in Canada and for the return to the country of permanent residence)

For further information and assistance on your rights while working in Canada.

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